Light mind - how to enhance cognitive performance with photobiomodulation | E86

podcast Nov 06, 2023
Light Mind - how to enhance cognitive performance with photobiomodulation with Dr Marvin Berman

by Dr Ruth Allan | Released Mon 06 Nov 23

Dr. Marvin Berman is the founder and President of the Quietmind Foundation, a nonprofit research and consultation organisation developing non-drug noninvasive treatment models to improve the public health and educational systems

He is now a co-founder of Neuronic Devices Ltd, a light therapy device company based in Germany and Ireland that is advancing the field of photobiomodulation or transcranial light therapy. He has been a practicing therapist and consultant for the past 35 years and is a leading figure in the new field of digital neurotherapeutics

In this episode Dr Berman talks about the importance of the mind-body connection, he discusses why it's so important to get a qEEG scan if you are concerned about brain trauma from contact sport or another injury. He shares how photobiomodulation works with neurofeedback and talks about some astonishing results achieved using these modalities together to enhance cognitive performance and reduce cognitive decline

I loved this episode, as Neuronic is at the cutting edge of alternative approaches to enhance cognitive performance and reverse cognitive decline. A technology that is so needed in today's society, where we are predicted to experience a three fold increase in Alzheimer's disease by 2050, with the current healthcare system unable to cope. The future is prevention and developing alternative business models and systems to enhancing the cognitive health of the population and this technology is one that is pioneering the way.

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Discussed in this podcast

  • 0.49 - Intro
  • 2.32 - Dr Berman's passion
  • 5.25 - What optimal brain health is for Dr Berman: the idea of efficiency from a Newtonian point of view - having body and mind working most efficiently, meaning to be able to perceive with the greatest degree of specificity what it is that the moment is demanding of you and how to respond with the greatest degree of specificity, burning the least amount of calories. Optimising the connection between mind and body
  • 8.45 - The mind body relationship: understanding how we can help ourselves to transform the way our biology is operating
  • 11.20 - Anxiety is not an emotion! - the need to look at the conflict that created it, and the importance of functional medicine
  • 12.40 - When Dr Berman's mind and body were not fully connected: Nov 27 1998
  • 14.10 - EEG feedback and biofeedback: Dr Ruth and Dr Berman's story
  • 17.40 - Biofeedback for healing and enhancing performance
  • 18.10 - Dr Berman's journey into neurofeedback: uncovering brain injury as a root cause of cognitive struggles
  • 25.32 - How light intervention is a tissue-level intervention, enhancing electrical connectivity through neurofeedback
  • 26.55 - Dr Berman's Parkinson study: and results achieved from being wheelchair bound to partying on a boat, leading to a funded research study
  • 29.04 - The results from the study undertaken, statistically improving motor and cognitive performance
  • 31.40 - The device 'neuradiant' used to stimulate photobiomodulation
  • 35.30 - The importance of a qEEG assessment on your brain to understand your level of brain damage
  • 37.40 - Dr Berman's observations on treatment of personnel using photobiomodulation and neurofeedback with various conditions, including enhancing performance of up to 20%
  • 40.50 - The use of the technique for prevention of cognitive decline
  • 42.30 - The COVID statistics on neurological injury
  • 43.20 - Recent research results using the Neuronic neuradiant device 3x a week for 4mins each time for the duration of a month for those with long COVID
  • 46.30 - The opportunity for combining modalities such as HBOT and photobiomodulation with neurofeedback
  • 47.37 - The future of photobiomodulation and neurofeedback
  • 56.03 - Dr Berman's advice for anyone concerned about their cognitive performance.

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