Pause, stop and reset to optimise your mind with Simon Hedley | E78

podcast Aug 21, 2023

by Dr Ruth Allan | Released Mon 21 Aug 23

Simon Hedley, 'The Strategic Alchemist' joins Dr Ruth Allan on Episode 078 of her show 'Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain.' For over two decades Simon has been primarily working by referral, and often privately behind the scenes as The Secret Weapon for Good People Doing Great Things

Leveraging his strong background in audit, structuring and investment banking, he has a unique mind that is able to connect the dots for people and project and identify the missing that makes the difference

He’s also a master of tai chi, and many other disciplines that are focussed on human potential and optimising outcomes

In this episode Simon talks about the importance of pause, stop and reset to optimise your mind. We discuss the difference between connection and communication, the impact our current world is having on our human body and how it performs, and the need to establish a state of flow with your environment to stay functional and in control of your mindset 

This episode took so many interesting twists and turns, and provided a great insight on the importance of the need to pause, stop and reset

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Listen to Episode 078 from Mon 21 Aug 23

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Discussed in this podcast

  • 2.04 - Simon's passion = people
  • 4.10 - When Simon didn't feel optimised
  • 7.10 - Optimal brain health for Simon: understanding that unknown things might happen and that you can manage your response and create an element of safety for you. Having enough self awareness to navigate. Thinking things through without being instantly judged
  • 18.00 - Connection and communication and how people
  • 19.45 - Dr Ruth Allan's challenge of starting her podcast: turning the mountain back into a molehill
  • 20.50 - Making an impact and what constitutes success
  • 25.45 - Navigating life: understanding the difference between the female and male brains and what that translates to in the nature/nurture culture
  • 29.04 - The importance of having healthy debates in today's society
  • 30.30 - Phone use and its effect on your brain
  • 31.45 - The impact of our current world on our human body and its performance
  • 33.40 - What is optimal brain health for you?
  • 34.40 - Establishing a state of flow with your environment and staying functional through pause, stop, reset and recharge
  • 36.20 - The mission control mindset
  • 37.30 - The labelling culture: understanding how your world is disordered to your brain type
  • 40.30 - The importance of leadership and retraining to help a person become optimised
  • 42.10 - The decades game
  • 44.44 - Understanding what you want
  • 45.00 - Simon's journey into different martial arts
  • 55.40 - Human Resources
  • 1.00.20 - Communication through pictures: communication - coming together in one action
  • 1.05.20 - Creating a world that optimises your brain: changing the environment or change the environment you're in
  • 1.07.00 - Simon's advice if you're struggling to pause, stop and reset
  • 1.11.00 - Chaos to clarity

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